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...the Ecological Nexus or central point for the latest and best in ecological products for the 21st Century.  "eco" abbreviation of Ecological + "nex" abbreviation of "Nexus".  Exciting technologies available including cavitation vortex water treatment, silver water treatment, stirling engine heat-to-electricity, ground source heat pumps, micro wind turbines for wind energy and solar tracking satellite dishes for radiation-to-heat conversion.


    Treat Water          Treat Water         Heat-to-Elec      Heat-from-Earth       Wind-to-Elec       Solar-to-Heat
   hpS non-chem.      Trojan Horse      Stirling Engine       Ground Source      Micro Turbines     Solar Tracker
  Smash Microbes        Silver with          converts              Heat Pump          convert wind           Dish
  Using Cavitation      Unbeatable        wood-burner            converts             energy in to     Ground-Mounted
        Power.               12 Week             heat into            solar heated           electricity.           dish means
   As hot as the            Residual            Electricity.            Earth into a            Range of       no damage to roof.
 surface of the Sun    Anti-Microbial          Up to               giant battery.           stunning        Computer Tracking
 at the pressure of         Action.              3.5kWh.                Provides             designs to         of Sun means
 the deepest ocean.      Ideal for            Ideal for           Heating in Winter           suit                phenomenal
 Ideal for treating          treating            Off-Grid                    &                  all properties.      heat collection
          MIC                Dead-Leg               or               Cooling in Summer.        from                 Ideal for
 (Microbiologically        Pipe-Work         Emergency        Free Earth Energy        Hotels           Swimming Pools
      Influenced                 &                   Power                Rapid ROI            to Business        & Hot Water
      Corrosion) .            Fittings.             Supply.              Technology.             parks.             for buildings.


  Consultancy,Installation and Maintenance is available on all eco-nex technologies.  Ask for help and advice on wind energy, wind turbine, solar, water treatment, stirling engine and gshp.

Sustainable Resources for the 21st Century,
purchase eco chemical free vortex & silver water treatment to control legionella,
plus eco energy, gshp, micro wind energy, stirling engine, solar energy